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Craig’s passions off-the-air include (often hopelessly) cheering on his favourite Toronto sports teams, as well as the Denver Broncos. He loves listening a wide variety of music, and most importantly, spending time with friends and family.┬áHe lives in downtown London with his wife, Stacey


  1. Dear Craig: I listened to your show last night about selling alcohol in stores and getting rid of the LCBO. Your comments about being able to sell these products at variety stores or grocery stores so that you can save a couple of dollars on your favorite beverage. The study says that we could make 7% more to sell this stuff at variety stores and grocery stores because 1.74 billion is just not enough profit. The study does not show the cost to our society of the lost of several thousand good paying jobs. The tax revenue lost because these people would most likely end up working for 10 to12 dollars per hour and the lost benefits we lose the spending power of these jobs not to mention that we would have extra costs to the social net because the need for food and health care remain. Do you believe that the province would spend this money more wisely. I am sure that the cost to policing would increase because people would end up robbing variety stores and police need attend. Easier and cheaper access to alcohol would also increase domestic and public violence needing the police to attend this cost is not free. The province is making good money at 1.74 billion a year and at the same time providing good paying jobs at the same time. I believe the cost of policing and lost tax revenue and the lost of spin off jobs lost because those working at the LCBO would be making much lower wages. That would be a true account of the extra money made or lost by selling these products at variety and grocery stores. Remember that when we wanted cheaper house hold and entertainment products we started buying off shore products, yes we have cheaper products larger profits for business and lower wages for those looking for work. Lower wages means the need for more food banks and other social services. Oh and you just did a show on food banks as part of the same show. I say lets leave it alone, the province is making a good profit and providing good paying jobs at the same time. People don’t need easier access to alcohol or cheaper prices. Lower prices and easier access would lead to higher consumption and extra cost dealing with the affects of over indulgence and increases violence. If you can’t afford alcohol or you can’t buy it when the store is open than you most likely don’t need it. You talk about a healthier life style Alcohol like smokes are not needed for sustaining life. Your one caller said if it is not broke don’t fix it. I would love to see a study showing the total spin off affects of the proposed change. I am sure that your favorite brew from Barrie is still making a profit or they would not still be in business. I would love to hear your comments on my points. Terry Yeo 519-457-2894

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