Joni Baechler Appointed London’s Interim Mayor

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Joni Baechler Appointed London's Interim Mayor

Joni Baechler says she’s committed to getting the city back on track and bringing stability to London after being selected to serve as London’s interim Mayor.

The Ward 5 councillor was chosen after three rounds of voting at City Hall on Tuesday afternoon.

“I know how difficult this time was for all of us, I know that we’ve been in a bit of a tumultuous time and that what we went through tonight was a process that was hard on all of us,” Baechler addressed her council colleagues after the results of the final vote was announced.

“I’m extraordinarily grateful for your support tonight and I’m very humbled by it.”

The meeting began with councillors Baechler, Bud Polhill, Dale Henderson, and Harold Usher putting their names forward for consideration.

After the first vote, Henderson and Usher were eliminated — leaving Polhill and Baechler as the two remaining choices.

The second vote ended in a tie, setting the stage for a third vote.

It was Councillor Harold Usher who switched his vote, giving Baechler the win over Polhill by a vote of 8-6 after the third round.

“I would’ve liked to have been the mayor until the election comes up,” said Polhill. “But the thing is, if i’m running again and i’m spending all that time at City Hall, it’s going to be difficult to run a campaign and do that too.”

Baechler says that moving forward will require all of council to work together.

“I am committed to doing that and I’m committing to work with all of you in terms of moving the process forward, in terms of getting the city back on track, in terms of bringing stability.”

Baechler will be sworn in as interim Mayor on Wednesday and serve until November 30th when a new council will be sworn in following the October 27th municipal election.


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